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The links below are provided as a convenience and for information purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Animal Can Talk 2 Me of any of the products, services or opinions of the organisations or individuals.
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Regan is a certified canine massage therapist and a Reiki healer for animals. She is based in Toronto, Canada.
Home of Nick Thompson, well known and respected vet in the field of complementary therapies such as homeopathy, natural nutrition, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Oephebia has worked under Nick Thompson's referral regarding a patient who needed some Bach Flowers remedies.

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Maren Maren is a volunteer for Animals Asia and offers a complete range of PA and pet services.
Dog walking, cat visits and feeding, day care for cats and dogs, full time live in service, pet taxi and more are available.
Your pets will be in good hands.
A great magazine to know everything you possibly want to know about your cat, health, new products, stories, behaviour and much more. Highly recommended for any cat lovers.
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Oephebia does not work with missing animals and many communicators do not.

However, there are a few animal communicators that are working in this field and you can find them on this register.

Animal communication has no boundaries of time or place, so even if you are based in the UK, you could ask a communicator in another country to communicate with your missing pet.

Animal Search UK is the leading search service for missing pets in Britain.

They specialise in helping to reunite people with lost or stolen pets.

You can register your missing pet on their website for free. Practical help is also offered.

A very useful site where you can look for missing pets, find pets.

Very useful articles as well on lost pets, what to do in case of a missing animal etc

Pet Bereavement banner
Many people who have a pet consider it as a part of family. Not only when they live and provide us with happy times, but also when they pass away.

You can create a free memorial online of your beloved pet to honour their memory.

Sometimes it helps with the grief.

Sharing your loss with people who understand.

The Blue cross runs a free pet bereavement service where you can talk to someone about your loss. The service is run by volunteers.

Expressing feelings and emotions are part of the grieving process and since many people do not necessarily understand or have time to listen, it is an invaluable service to be able to talk about our cherish pet over the phone.

The Ralph site is a not-for-profit website that provides support to pet guardians over the loss of a beloved companion.

Resources that you might find helpful include, info on euthanasia and aftercare, grief management, memorials, forums and pet bereavement counselling.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about veggies! Animal lovers will enjoy this site.

Veggies has been promoting vegan catering and supporting campaigns for human and animal rights, environmental protection and social justice since 1984.

The UK brightest information & directory site for all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. Articles, events listings, astrology, extensive links and much more.
Animal Welfare Party's vision is a world in which animals are not exploited and are seen and treated as sentient beings.

Their mission is to establish a voice for animals through a dedicated political party, which focuses on respect and compassion for all.

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