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Before booking a consultation for your animal, please take a few minutes to read the Animal Communication page in order to have a clearer idea about what animal communication can do for your animal and yourself.
As animal communication has no boundaries of distance and time, distance is not an issue, and Oephebia can work on an animal located in any country.
What happens during an Animal Communication consultation?
A consultation is done in two steps:
Initial Animal Communication
First of all, on receipt of your completed online form, photo of the animal and the fees (consultation are prepaid), Oephebia will make the initial connection with the animal. In other words, she will connect with the animal and will get some general info about their character, favourite past time, food etc. This is an important stage as it will give you the information needed in order for you to recognise your animal during the actual consultation.
Animal Communication Consultation
Secondly, on the day and time of your appointment Oephebia will provide to you the information gathered during the initial communication. If at this stage you do not understand or recognise the information Oephebia will give you relating to your animal, your fees for the consultation will be reimbursed to you (minus administration charges).

Assuming that you are satisfied with the initial communication, Oephebia will then give you the answers to the questions you sent with the consultation form. This is the core of the consultation.

At the end of the consultation we will discuss the needs of the animal and when necessary, what course of action could be taken for the future; (healing, training, change of diet etc).
What if my animal needs healing?
The first course of action should be a vet. Animal healing is not a substitute for good veterinary care. Please visit the Animal Healing page to learn more about this complimentary therapy.
How can I book an Animal Communication or Animal Healing consultation?
To book your consultation, simply follow these steps:
1 Just fill in the web form here (tickle the frog), and send it together with a *photo of the animal by email or post. The email address to send your photo will then be sent to you (this is to avoid spam on this site).
* Please note that the photo of the animal should be:
- recent (if possible within the last month or so)
- without any humans in the photo
- preferably with the animal looking towards the camera
2 Pay the consultation fees using PayPal (major credit/debit cards accepted)
3 On receipt of your booking form, photo of the animal and fees, Oephebia will send you an email to arrange a suitable time and date with you for the Animal Communication consultation to take place.
4 On the day and time of your appointment, you will have to call Oephebia on + 44 (0)20 7274 3953 for the Animal Communication consultation to take place.
Oephebia is now on Skype
5 On receipt of your booking form for Animal Healing, Oephebia will notify you via email the dates for the distant healing. For face-to-face Animal Healing consultations, we will arrange the date prior to your booking and a confirmation email will be sent to you.
* Please note that sick animals are a priority. This is subject to you consulting a vet first and a diagnosis has been made.
* Oephebia is not available to track missing animals.
To locate an animal communicator who is prepared to work with missing animals go to Web Resources.
All Fees are payable in advance.    
Consultation (Initial communication and telephone consultation). £75
Animal charities, shelters, sanctuaries, etc. Fees on request
Home visit (within the London Underground network) This will be discussed over the telephone and is on a case by case basis. Fees on request
All Fees are payable in advance.    
Hands on healing session £55
Follow up hands on healing sessions £40
Hands on healing session for another animal from the same household £40
Distant compassionate release/healing 5 sessions £75
Animal charities, shelters, sanctuaries etc… Fees on request
Travel expenses will be discussed over the telephone prior to booking a consultation.
All Fees are payable in advance.    
Full Bach Flowers remedies consultation (This includes a bottle of blended remedies) £50
Bach Flowers remedies consultation for another animal in the same household £30
Repeat prescription £10
Travel expenses will be discussed over the telephone prior to booking a consultation.  
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