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French born Oephebia has always been an animal lover. As a baby, she was surrounded by cats and birds, and her adolescence was spent with an unruly Schnauzer and many birds.
As a young woman, Oephebia had a variety of animal companions such as a mouse, a dwarf rabbit, a pair of lovebirds, a pair of parakeets and a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot called Coco who lived with her for 22 years until he was granted his “freedom” and went to live in a parrot sanctuary where he found a girlfriend. Oephebia had a wonderful African Pygmy Hedgehog called Zoe who sadly was put to sleep in November 2008.

She now share her life with two rescued Persian kitties called Karloff and Lugosi (aka kitty monsters) that she adopted from the Celia Hammond Trust (whilst she was doing some healing as a volunteer), and her musician husband in South London.

Oephebia is a fully qualified animal communicator (ACT2) and animal healer and a qualified Bach Flowers Remedies Practitioner (BFRAP) based in London UK.

Her aim is to help animals (pets and wild) and their people to understand each other better, to respect each other and above all, give all creatures the love and understanding they deserve.

Her passion for animals is not exclusive to pets though, and has worked with wild animals and different animal organisations (Turgwe Hippo Trust, Animals Asia, Great Harmony Fund, Darwin Primate Group to name but a few) for a number of years.

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