Animal Communication

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Animal communication is a very simple technique enabling the communicator to receive information telepathically from an animal. Information will be in the form of smells, pictures, words, sensations or thoughts.

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Animal Healing

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Animal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for good veterinary care. The therapist usually put their hands on the body of the animal to help the animal rebalance their vital energies towards releasing tension and / or pain from their body, allowing the recovery process to take place.

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Bach Flowers Remedies

The remedies are comprised of flowers, plants and trees and do not contain any chemicals. They are totally natural and made today according to Dr Bach's methods.

Bach Flowers Remedies

Learning Centre

Oephebia has put together a method using simple techniques to show you how easy it is to let animals communicate with you. And run workshops teaching these techniques.

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Oephebia is a fully qualified animal communicator (ACT2) and animal healer. She is also a qualified Bach Flowers Remedies practioner for animals (BFRAP) based in London - UK.

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